Galaxy S9 with 512GB of built-in storage

Galaxy S9 with 512GB of built-in storage

Samsung has just announced that it has started mass production of the first 512 GB flash storage. The new high-capacity eUFS enables a premium smartphone to store approximately 130 4K Ultra High Definition video clips of 10-minutes, which is about a tenfold increase compared to 64-gigabyte eUFS, which allows storage of only about 13 video clips of the same size.

This behemoth of a storage solution is intended for use in “next generation” mobile devices, which probably means we’ll get to see it when the Galaxy S9 is announced early next year. This year’s iPhone’s, i.e. the X, 8 and 8 Plus have a 256GB variant as well. Samsung can possibly double the gap by integrating the memory chip in its upcoming flagship.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 May Have 512GB Of Internal StorageThis could also mean that the MicroSD card slot, which is highly regarded in the Android market, may not make a comeback. Samsung received a lot of flak when it threw out the microSD card slot from the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy Note 5, both 2015 models.

“The new Samsung 512GB eUFS provides the best-embedded storage solution for next-generation premium smartphones by overcoming potential limitations in system performance that can occur with the use of micro SD cards.” Jaesoo Han, executive vice president of Memory Sales & Marketing at Samsung Electronics said.

As per Samsung, the new storage will be highly conservative in energy use and have strong read/write times, speeds of 860 megabytes per second (MB/s) and 255MB/s respectively can be achieved.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 May Have 512GB Of Internal Storage

Samsung also said it ‘intends to steadily increase an aggressive production volume for its 64-layer 512Gb V-NAND chips, in addition to expanding its 256Gb V-NAND production.’

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